T-Cut Clay Bar Kit

New from The UK’s most renowned and respected brand in paintwork restoration - T-Cut …. Car cleaning’s best kept secret, the T-Cut Clay Bar Kit.


Clay Bars create a smooth as glass, mirror like finish on all paintwork and increases the depth of shine when waxing and polishing. Claying removes stubborn contaminants that ordinary shampooing cannot remove. 


Each kit comprises of:

Clay Bar which is a non-abrasive, synthetic polymer which acts like a magnet to collect all the small contaminants on a vehicle’s paintwork which aren’t visible to the naked eye.

T-Cut Clay Liquid 500ml that provides a safety barrier that enables the clay to aquaplane across the surface.

*Exclusive* T-Cut Wax 500ml creates a super-shiny and smooth surface to all vehicle paint finishes, helping to protect the paintwork by inhibiting contaminants from sticking to, and damaging paintwork.

Microfibre Cloth which buffs paintwork to a brilliant shine.


The T-Cut Clay Bar Kit really makes a big difference to how your car’s paint looks and feels.