T-Cut 365 Kit Radiant Red

Advanced paintwork renovation technology from the UK’s most renowned and respected brand in colour restoration – T-Cut.

T-Cut 365 Radiant Red is the next generation of paint restoration technology, specially formulated to remove scratches, shine and protect all red vehicles for up to 12 months.

At T-Cut we understand that red is the colour that fades the most. Whilst all colours fade, it is vividly visible on red vehicles because it is an inherently bright colour. Bringing the warmth back to a red car can be a rewarding experience. Red can be a striking, radiant, luscious, sensual colour. However, if the paintwork is not kept properly clean, it can also become a dull pink colour. Red paint will shine up nicely if you spend the time polishing it.

T-Cut 365 Paintwork Perfection is a unique, special blend of exclusive products designed to bring the dazzle and elegance back to the vehicle paintwork, whilst also polishing and sealing the surface.


Each kit comprises of:

T-Cut ColorFast Red 500ml a revolutionary coloured paintwork renovator that removes light scratches, oxidation, ingrained dirt, bugs, swirl marks and surface imperfections.


T-Cut ColorSeal Red 500ml a revolutionary clear paintwork sealant that repels sunlight, rain and bird lime, whilst sealing the surface to prevent the paintwork fading or oxidising, protecting against scratches and keeping your car looking brand new for up to 12 months.


Microfibre Applicator Pad & Microfibre Cloth


Bringing the paint finish back to its original intensity is an art form, and T-Cut 365 is as good as it gets.