T-Cut Colour Restorer

T-Cut Original, launched in 1954 is the original color restorer with the unique formula that brings back original colour and lusture in minutes. Removes oxidation, ingrained road grime, tar spots and dried insects. T-Cut Original contains no silicones and leaves no harmful residues, preparing an ideal surface for re-painting. For metallic and Pearlescent finishes use T-Cut Metallic Colour Restorer.

T-Cut Wax has been specially developed for use on new car paintwork. The technologically advanced T-Cut Wax uses a perfect blend of mild T-Cut abrasives coupled with Car Polish, to create a unique easy-on, easy-off formula. T-Cut Wax gently cleans and removes slight surface imperfections and scratches. Whilst leaving a deep protective shine that lasts for weeks. T-Cut Wax can also be applied to most paint finishes including metallics and pearlescents.